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Sealcoating your Pavement: is it Necessary?

Does your asphalt pavement have irregular cracks even though you had it made recently? If you did, then have your pavement rechecked by a professional simply because it may not have had the proper sealant. Your asphalt pavement parking lot may be subjected to a lot of stress due to unfavourable weather such as very hot summer heat, abrupt heavy rains, and full on humidity, especially when you live in a tropical area. Moreover, leaking fluids and oil usually from vehicles tend to damage asphalt as well. Thus, it is always a better option to look for legitimate asphalt repair companies that will truly take care of your asphalt parking road. You can always find tons of firms like these who offer repair services for your parking lots such as the seal coating in Baltimore.

There are several factors in play that help destroy your pavement easily. First, there is the sun and the oxidation process. The sun emits harmful ultraviolet rays that speeds up the oxidation process hence there is a need for a proper sealcoating. Asphalt breakage begins the moment it is set into place. This phenomenon leads to a brittle surface that will eventually crack under strenuous pressure. Weak pavements are caused by these cracks since they can be easily penetrated by oxygen and rain water. Sealcoating is a useful way of lessening these cracks and resisting the sun’s harmful rays.

Secondly, oils and other fluid spills from vehicles also cause the speedy damage of roads. Water easily softens the base leading to sink holes, depressions and larger cracks which will cause more expensive repairs. In areas where winter is present, water freezes and in turn expands which creates large gaps and potholes. Hence, it is essential to have a sealcoat on your asphalt pavement to prevent water and oil from easily penetrating the surface.

In summary, sealcoating provides a protective outer barrier to your pavement so that the asphalt binders inside will retain its adhesive qualities making sure that it is strong enough to prevent cracks and gaps from forming. Its main practical use is to slow down the aging process of your road. A top notch quality sealcoat has enough ratio of additives and fine sand that will help your road become more durable and lessen its slippery touch. For highways and roads that experience heavy traffic, it is better to apply a second layer of sealcoat to ensure longer service life of the pavement. A good sealcoat by professionals ensures a longer lifespan of the roads and will save you a lot of money because you will no longer have to do regular check-ups and maintenance repairs.

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